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The Cost of Behavior Guidebook

Full of worksheets, tips, resources, and everything you need to know to STOP wasting time and money dealing with challenging behavior and START investing in a solid solution.

Get the most important information you need to know in order to help your child succeed AND save money--it's the best of both words!

You know that this is a problem and that "just surviving" challenging behavior is costing just don't know how much or how to make it better.
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This super helpful and straight-to-the-point eBook is packed with amazing information. You will get the information you need quickly and move forward knowing that you are making informed decisions. You, your child, and your family will thank you as begin to see progress in your day to day lives (your pocketbook will thank you too!)

The eBook includes lists of common costs associated with challenging behavior (many of which people forget about), a worksheet and directions on how to calculate how much your time is worth and how much challenging behavior is costing you, tons of resources, and so much more!

The Cost of Behavior Guidebook

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